You want to shift perspectives, change attitudes. You want to share advice, offer how-to lessons or a challenge common thinking. I am here to support you as your book coach as you plan your book or write your memoirs. Whether your goal is to seek a traditional publisher or self-publish, I can help you build your storytelling plan so that you can reach readers. Click below to find out more about my non-fiction coaching services. 

From one of my happy book coaching clients:

“Writing a book was something that made me feel insecure and vulnerable to the point that for a long time I told no one about it. Sharing my plan with Dinah was easy to do as she naturally comes across in a supportive and optimistic manner. Her expertise in story development and editing was invaluable.  She encouraged me to dig deeper in some of the more personal parts of my story but always in a respectful manner recognizing that I may not be quite ready to do so. Her joyful optimism, relevant expertise and enthusiastic brainstorming keeps me focused on my goal and we now move forward towards building a platform and marketing my book. I come away from every phone call with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm.”

— Kim Sunderland, author of It’s All Gonna Be Okay: From Mad and Sad to Glad (forthcoming in 2022)