7 Key Questions to Ask About Your Reader Before You Write

I’m pouring my heart into this book, but will anyone read it?

Does this sound familiar to you? I hear this from writers.

Whether it is out of fear or anxiety or inexperience, we worry that our writing will fall flat when we send it out into the world.

We’ve all been there. Any writer knows how excruciating it feels when we let ourselves be overwhelmed my these worries.

I’m here to tell you this:
There is a reader for you.
And you can find your way to them.

Sharpen your pencil and sharpen your focus on your ideal readers with 7 KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT YOUR READERS BEFORE YOU WRITE.

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Connect to the hearts & minds of your readers

Effective writing goes beyond just crafting words—it’s about forging a connection with your readers. In this booklet, I introduce you to a straightforward approach:

It is about storytelling with your audience in front of you.  7 KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT YOUR READERS will focuses on the reader-centered perspective—who are you writing for, and how do you need to tell your story so that they hear it?

Shift from ‘this is my story’ to ‘here is a story for you.’  Storytelling is as old as humans. You don’t need to change your story, but rather, meet the expectations of your ideal readers and tailor your telling to them.

Inside the booklet
Connect to your reader. 7 prompts with space for your ideas, brainstorming, and notes

What you’ll get:

  • 7 prompts to identify and understand your ideal readers.
  • strategies to align your narrative with your audience’s perspectives
  • expert advice from a book coach and lifetime reader

With the insights you gain through these exercises, you can create a book that not only gets read but also leaves a such an impression the reader passes your book to friends and can’t help but post about it on social channels once they close the back cover. Isn’t that what we want, as writers? 

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The Benefits of Reader-Centered Writing

When you write with your readers in mind:

  • your narrative engages the audience who needs to hear your message
  • you have a clear and confident path to crafting a book that truly connect
  • your book is valued and remembered by those who read it – and passed along to friends

Write With Clarity and Purpose

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About Dinah

I am an Author Accelerator-certified book coach  who coaches writers from the early stages of their book’s development through to their proposal and query.  I have filled many behind-the-scenes support roles over my career, at times a copy editor, proofreader, magazine editor and publisher, and at others a college English instructor and workshop facilitator. But the biggest contributor to my work as a book coach is my lifelong experience as a reader. Today, I work with writers who want to make a change in the world by sharing their stories on the page, whether that is through narrative nonfiction, how-to or self-help, memoir, or contemporary fiction. 

Shift to a reader-centered perspective today

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