Your Imagined Reader

Writers need readers. Meet yours.

Get ready for summer writing with a 4-day, 4-class workshop focused on your book's ideal reader,
led by book coach Dinah Laprairie, Reader's Advocate. 

Do you remember the feeling of falling in love with a book? Being so excited by the ideas you read that you forced the book into a friend’s hands, saying “You have to read this?”

That’s the power of reader-centered writing. The author made choices that moved us and changed us. Through their writing, they connected to our hearts and our imagination.

They imagined us.

Now, it's your turn.

Challenge yourself to imagine your reader.

Are you ready to connect to your reader?

Join me June 23 to 26, 2024 in this four-session online group sprint and connect to the heart of your ideal reader.

This course is for your if:

  • You are beginning a new piece and need to think through your approach
  • You are in the messy middle and wondering Who will even read this?
  • You have your first draft complete and need new focus before you tackle revisions.

Reader-centered writing is an approach that focuses not just on what we want to say, but also on what our readers need to hear. It's knowing what brings them to a book — your book — and delivering an experience that resonates with their hearts and minds.

Your Imagined Reader gives you what you need to craft a book they can’t put down.

How does it work?

Over 4 one-hour live sessions, I will lead our group through prompts and discussion. You will build a picture of your ideal reader — the one who needs you and your message.

  • Who is my ideal reader?
  • At what point is my reader entering my book?
  • What are my reader's expectations?
  • What experience do I want to deliver to my reader?
  • How can I invite my readers in?

Your class will meet on Zoom at 7 p.m. EST on these dates:

  • Sunday, June 23, 2024
  • Monday, June 24, 2024
  • Tuesday, June 25, 2024
  • Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Sign up and pay using the link below and wait for your welcome email from Dinah. 

Meet Dinah

I’m an editor and book coach who supports writers in getting their thoughts and dreams to the reading public. My coaching supports writers in planning, outlining, drafting, and revision, and I’m here to coach writers who want to finally share their book with readers. Together we work on mindset, craft, and accountability.


Over my career, I’ve supported creative expression as a copy editor, freelance writer, coach, workshop facilitator, and magazine editor. I write to build my own craft, and I write for clients. I trained as a book coach because I love to support artists and their goals. I believe the world is better with books.


Nearly every coaching relationship has arrived at a point where I’ve asked the writer, “Who is your reader?”  It’s an answer that directs the first draft or the fifth. It guides the book proposal or the pitch to traditional publishers, and helps self-publishing authors understand their market.

It’s happening this month.
Get ready for summer writing.

We know what's coming next month: The BBQs, the last-minute picnics, the sun and sand, and all the things we do to take advantage of the season. When you come to your writing this summer, come with focus.


Your Imagined Reader will point you towards these answers:


  • How to shape your message
  • How to pitch your book
  • How to find your readers


Readers need writers.


They need you to find them. Imagine them.

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  • 4 live group sessions led by a trained and certified book coach
  • A PDF workbook
  • A special discount for a followup coaching session

Note: Prices in USD. Ontario residents: HST included.

Come join me and other writers over 4 sessions to work through questions about your reader. Bring them to life with help from writing prompts and discussion.

Call it a sprint. Call it a challenge. I call it an excellent way to refocus your writing before the summer writing season.

All that' s left to do now is to register. Click the link to register and pay. You’ll receive a confirmation message immediately followed by an email from me within a couple business days with your Zoom link and any preparatory instructions.

Writing has the power to instigate change, to shift the thinking of a reader or change their hearts.

We write to explore our thoughts, to understand relationships, to test out ideas. We write to connect with the world.

We write with the idea that someone will read our writing and be changed.


Do I really need to think about my reader? I just want to focus on the story I want to tell.

Reader-Centered Writing is a perspective shift. We don’t need to change your message or our writing goals, but we need to ask critical questions about who our ideal readers are and what they seek from our work.

Your imagined reader will help you:

  • Make creative choices – Imagine your reader’s response to the techniques, tools, or tropes you are considering.
  • Pitch your book  – Show agents and publishers you understand the inner landscape of your reader and what they look for on the bookshelf. Show you have a market for your book.

I want to be known for my art. What if I just work on my craft?

This is not an either-or situation. Creativity lives within boundaries. When you imagine your reader, you can create a reading experience. You can deliver to them a book that evokes such a response that they press your book into the hands of another reader just like them. And when you are ready to release your book into the world, you'll know who to send it to.

Once you know who your ideal reader is, you have direction. It’s like holding a compass in your hand. It points you home — to the genre your readers prefer, to the tropes they love, the characters they want to meet, and the messages that will comfort or heal.

Your Imagined Reader begins Sunday, June 23 at 7 p.m. EST. Join me and your writing colleagues in this perspective-shifting challenge.

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