Memoir Support

It’s been your secret dream for a long time, something you haven’t spoken aloud.

Or maybe your life has been filled with challenges and you believe that you could help someone else with what you have learned.

Or people are always saying you should write a book about your life. 

There are many reasons to write your personal history. If you need someone to guide you through the planning and structuring of your story, I can help you. Using techniques I developed and used with many people over the years, we will work over multiple sessions to get you ready to write the best stories from your life, in a way that will change readers hearts.

This is intensive work that can take quite some time and a lot of commitment from you and from me. But if you need someone cheering you along when it gets hard, and guiding you through the messy, unremembered bits, I can be there.

My story coaching experience has taken many individuals through this process, and they have produced personal stories and memoirs they are proud of.

Contact me for a free, 20-minute exploratory session to discuss your project and how you can engage me in some or all of it.