You make a difference. You know you do.

If you have a success story with someone you serve, you need to tell everyone about it. Word-of-mouth marketing, testimonials and success stories from real people are gold. You can use them in your communications materials and on your website, in applications to funders, and in your annual reports.

But when you’re caught up in the day-to-day, it can be hard to articulate how exactly you impact the people you serve. Then suddenly you need to submit an award or grant application and you need to pull those stories out fast.

I will come interview the people you serve and bring back to you the stories of their experience with you. I will collect their testimonials and write the stories of impact so you are never stuck at deadline with a blank page in front of you.

Whether it is a funding application, a blog profile or an annual report, the human impact of your work deserves to be told.