What if you could showcase the good work you're doing right now? What if you could write a book? 


You can. With DESTINATION: BOOK, you will plan your book's message in only two hours. Show your readers how your solution can bring positive change.

Cover of workbook called Destination Book. In the illustration, a jeep drives down a windy road heading to the horizon. A bird sits on signpost that points in many directions.

Map your book's core message today

This is a workbook for purpose-driven people who want to write a book.

• You have committed time – maybe even years – to making change in your workplace or community.

• You have a message that begs to be heard, but you haven’t had time to start your book.

• You need time to reflect on the important work you do.

• You need someone to guide you

What if you could take a vacation from the to-do list to map out your ideas? 

That's exactly why I created DESTINATION: BOOK, a book-planning workbook for purpose-driven people. I wanted to give you a place to stop and reflect —  a resting place for all of the experience and know-how you have built while doing the work. I wanted to offer you a view of the horizon where your book is a possibility.

You can write a book that tells readers,
“Yes, there is reason to hope, and I know this because I see what happens when we dedicate ourselves to a purpose.”

Through exercises and prompts, you will learn how to tell the story of your community and your commitment. You can explain why your approach works, and how it makes a difference. 

In only a couple hours, you will understand your book’s core message

Ready to Get Started?

 The 24-page fillable PDF workbook leads you through the critical questions all nonfiction authors must answer. You will be encouraged to consider what exactly brings about change: what helped, what didn’t, who helped, and what your unique contribution was. Not only that, but your have audio support from me, a nonfiction book coach, and
I will prompt you to set writing goals after this workbook is complete.

DESTINATION: BOOK is a road trip to your book’s core message.

Right now, you’re wondering how to get to that book goal. You know you have a story to tell, something that can help others, but you haven't had time to sit down and organize it. You have been immersed in your work, and it's hard to see the big picture when you're focused on the to-do list for the day. You worry that it will never get written because you're asking,
How can I write a book if I haven’t worked out what it’s about? How do I write a book, anyway?

What if you had a way to record what you have learned, a way to understand your contributions and how they have had a positive impact? What if someone showed you which questions you need to answer right now? What if, after 2 hours, you knew how to approach this book?

DESTINATION: BOOK is a workbook for people like you. It is for purpose-led people who know that good ideas need to be shared. It is for people who need a place to start.

Wouldn’t it feel good to finally start?

I’ll be there as your navigator.

Download the workbook now and get started today.

Map your book's core message today

When you purchase DESTINATION: BOOK, you can immediately download the 24-page PDF workbook and begin to map your book’s message.  Complete the exercises directly on your laptop or print it out so that you can put pen to paper.

  • Why is this book important?
  • What are your goals?
  • Why are you the right person to write this book?
  • Why does the world need this book right now?

Good books aren’t built on good intentions, so I will ask you to go deeper and begin to build the story. You will describe the transformation of your approach, find examples in your own experience, look at the environment around you to understand what has helped you, and what conflict you have faced.

I want you to remember what is exciting about your work, why you have remained committed to it. You will have space to journal, and places to jot down key ideas.

Then, I will challenge you to think about your reader. Who needs to hear from you right now?

These are the questions that will lead you to the core message of your book.

With this preliminary book work done, you will have a clearer picture of where you are headed. 

There's more...

 I don’t want this book to be something you save in a folder and forget. I want you to move your book dream forward. That’s why I included theses bonuses.

The workbook exercises are supplemented with a series of audio messages from me, your book coach. Simply click on the audio icons in the workbook, and I’ll be there beside you as navigator!

What the entire book process looks like and tips on how to be successful as you move forward into writing.

A 90-DAY
Plot out your book goals! You can set out your goals and the action steps to take this book farther along the route to publication.

Keep the momentum on your project. Once you set your goals, request an email check-in on a future date you choose.

Photo taken from above Dinah, who is seated in front of her laptop. She is looking up into the camera. She has brown hair, shoulder-length, with glasses.

About me

Dinah Laprairie is a book coach who works with writers in manuscript development. She particularly enjoys projects that challenge the status quo and address unfairness. Dinah has filled many behind-the-scenes writer support roles over her career as copy editor, proofreader, magazine editor and publisher. Her development as a coach was inspired by nearly two decades serving community in a not-for-profit agency. Her editorial and coaching work focuses on meeting the writer's goals while upholding the reader's needs and expectations. Her book coaching serves people who want to make change by sharing their professional and lived experience on the page. Dinah is an Author Accelerator certified book coach. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Substack and Facebook. 


I’ve been in your place. I spent many years working in a purpose-driven space. We could see the difference our approach made to the people we served. It was so clear — to us. Not everyone on the outside could see that yet. What we were doing was new, counter to the prescribed way of doing things.  People were transformed by the work we did. But we were so busy, often working on an empty tank of gas that we rarely had the time to reflect on what we were doing, much less write the book on it.

Sometimes, other people told our story.

Sometimes, they got it wrong.

Today, I am a nonfiction book coach and I want other folks on a mission to make a greater impact beyond their immediate communities. So much good work is being done today to uplift others and solve the problems of today. I use my skills in editing, coaching, strategic writing and leadership to help writers craft their story so their books find the right readers — and so that they can tell their own stories.

PS. I’m also a non-stop reader. I know what good books can do when they reach the right reader.

Get the workbook. Start your book. Spread your message.

What can you expect, then, from DESTINATION: BOOK?

  • Dedicated space to reflect on and record your experience.
  • A guided book-building process supported by 7 audio lessons
    created by a trained, certified nonfiction book coach
  • Clarity on your book’s message and its promise to readers
  • An actionable plan for the next 90 days
  • A way to move your book from an idea to reality.

You will have more than a good book idea. You will have a clear book idea.

It is time to decide.


This is a workbook for everyday experts who want to write a book. You may be mid-career, retired, a hobbyist or a volunteer. You have built knowledge and know-how by doing the work. It may have been over a period of great length or a short period of intense effort, but you know it inside out. You have lessons to share.

This workbook is for you if:

  • You want to inspire change. You know the status quo isn’t good enough, and you know how to make things better for your community.
  • You have seen first-hand how transformation happens, and you want to share your approach.
  • You want to capture what you have learned and pass it along to colleagues or other practitioners, before it is lost.

This workbook is for you if you want to write a book.

An overhead illustration of a desk with laptop, book, notepad and coffee cup. Two hands are tapping at the keyboard.

How does this work?

Here’s how:

  • Click the Buy Now button. Yes, that one below. (Or any of them, actually!) Pay with your preferred card and enter your email address.
  • Check your inbox for a link to the download.
  •  Open up the workbook. Save it to your files. Print it, if you wish.
  • Start right away! Or, book time on your schedule to complete the workbook. Make this a firm commitment – once you book the time, nothing else can take that spot.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you can be one week from today

Destination: Book will help you identify your book’s core message. In one week from today -- or by bedtime tonight! -- you could be:

Outlining your book, because now you know what you want to say

Reaching out to your ideal readers to learn what they need from your book

Booking research interviews with people you admire and respect

In one week from now, you can be writing your book. 


Over the next two hours, let your heartbeat take the wheel. You will be the navigator. Imagine opening a map, one of those folded, printed maps we tuck into the car glovebox. Today, you will use that one and ignore the smartphone app. You’ll examine where you’ve come from, then look at the places you might go next.  

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