Book Coaching

Photo taken from above Dinah, who is seated in front of her laptop. She is looking up into the camera. She has brown hair, shoulder-length, with glasses.

Do you need a book coach? 

Do you have a book in you? Do you have expertise or wisdom that could make this world a better place if only you could share it with a wider audience? What would it mean if you could speak directly to people who wanted to hear what you have to say? A book coach can help you do that.

Book a 12-week coaching package with me and in three months, you’ll know whether you want to move ahead with your project. You’ll have in hand:

  • a clear idea of your reading audience
  • the expertise you have that will solve their problems
    or change their minds
  • a table of contents and a framework for your book
  • two sample chapters in first draft
  • a plan to move forward into publishing, whether that is traditional, self-publishing or hybrid

As your book coach, I’ll be there guiding you through each step of the planning. We’ll take the seed of your idea and grow it into a book structure that conveys your message to reader clearly and with confidence. You’ll identify your target readers, understand how you can convey your message clearly, and imagine your book into reality. 

You’ll have me by your side coaching you to be the expert you already are.

Do you have a book in you? Let’s find out. 

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What can you expect from your book coach?



A book coach is support for you. A good coach will challenge you to show up for your book and give it time and attention. Think of it as project management: I’ll walk you through the steps of book planning and we’ll work towards deadlines so that you move forward. A book doesn’t write itself, after all!

Editorial Guidance

There are so many ways to share your story, your ideas, your wisdom. But what is the best way to do that so it becomes a book that people want to read? As your book coach, I will guide you through discussions and exercises to identify your readership and how your message can be tailored to reach them. 

Clarity and Confidence

A good book coach will point out where your message is getting lost. If you are not communicating it clearly, you want your coach to push you to get it right. It may not be easy — in fact, it’s often hard! — but this effort pays off. You will be able to take the next steps in your project with confidence knowing that your book’s foundation is strong.


The creative process is full of celebrations and pitfalls, starts and stops, doubt and uncertainty. It can be lonely navigating this journey. It can also lead to confusion and backtracking as you try to figure it out on your own. I want to support you through this process and give you a way to move through it, especially when your self-belief is lagging behind your enthusiasm.


If you’re ready to begin, let’s talk about your book!

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“I work as a book coach myself, but when it came to my own book, I knew I needed a coach of my own. I’m so happy I found Dinah Laprairie. She was warm and friendly, while remaining professional and helpful throughout. She read my work closely, gave me excellent advice, communicated regularly, and helped me to craft a strong proposal. Her feedback also helped me to rethink how to organize and present my book. I strongly recommend Dinah for anyone looking for professional guidance and insight in writing their book or proposal.”  — Janice Harper, PhD, How to Move On When There is No Place to Move

“Dinah’s highly professional coaching brought my manuscript to the next level; she helped me grow as a writer, and more than fulfilled my expectations for clear, specific and useful feedback that enhanced my story and characters. Dinah is an experienced, generous and sincere book coach.”  — Ken

“I was asked several times, “When will you write a book?” but I needed the confidence to actually write the book and put my thoughts on paper. When I reached out to Dinah for book coaching, I needed guidance, support, and encouragement. I also expected to gain a better insight into how to write a book. My expectations were fulfilled.”  — Karen



Our work begins with a discussion about your goals for your book project. I will evaluate the work you have done so far and develop a coaching plan. Each time we meet, I will review your progress with you, we will discuss which challenges you are facing, and I will offer suggestions and exercises to help you move forward. After we agree on your next step, I will give you a deadline to submit your new work to me. I will review it before our next meeting.

You can also expect me to cheer you on and keep you on task during our coaching sessions! I aim to give reassurance while being firm on accountability.

No, the book coaching package does not offer direct copy-editing services. What I do offer in this package is high-level editorial guidance. If I notice you need writing assistance, I may point you to other resources. You may want to engage an editor in later stages of your book work, and I can direct you to the most appropriate editor for your project or provide a quotation for copy editing or proofreading service.

No, I can’t. The trends and buying decisions of the publishing industry are changing all the time. But the work you do now will reveal where your readers are and what they need from a book like yours. Your best publishing path may be traditional publishing, but you may discover how you can reach your readers through other avenues like self-publishing or a hybrid publishing model. What this work will reveal is how you can reach your best readers.

No matter how you move ahead with your book after this, I can also support you with a Book Proposal Coaching Package. We will work together on a proposal that you can use to approach literary agents or publishers. You can also use it to develop a marketing and publicity plan for your self-published book.

I may not be an extrovert, but I do like people a lot, especially people who think about social issues and how each of us impacts the world. I work well with ‘everyday experts’, people who gained their wisdom and insight by showing up, often for years, in support of their community.

Do you have big ideas about how to change the status quo? Do you believe in hope and in people? Do you enjoy working in collaboration and problem-solving? Are you open to new ways of working? Are you comfortable with critique of your work? Are willing to invest time in thought as well as in action? In details as well as big ideas? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we may be a good match.

My roster of recent clients includes people I admire very much. People who founded small community agencies, academics who applied themselves to bettering circumstances for vulnerable people, and artists who engage community to improve health outcomes. Often, my clients have a personal reason or experience behind their passion to change the status quo. Some are in roles of responsibility and leadership because they understand how the systems work and want to change from within rather than fighting against. Others are doing the front-line work on social issues.  All of them hope that their daily efforts will make a big impact through incremental change. They know how to fix the problems they see.

When you fill out the contact form, tell me about yourself and about your project. What difference do you want to make? Let’s see if our work together will help both of us reach out goals for the future.

Of course you can! Many people tackle big projects on their own. Here are 10 reasons why a book coach might help you:

  1. Because you get energized and inspired when you discuss big ideas with someone else.
  2. Because you get clarity when you share your ideas with someone else and they ask you challenging questions about it.
  3. Because you want your book to impress readers — and your family and friends.
  4. Because you are new to writing and publishing and need some guidance.
  5. Because you already have a writers group but you need someone outside of your current circle with fresh eyes and perspective.
  6. Because meeting deadlines is easier when someone is waiting for your submission.
  7. Because you take your work more seriously when you are investing in a service like this.
  8. Because you think this is a good book idea but you aren’t sure. 
  9. Because you need honest feedback and encouragement. 
  10. Because you’re writing a book.
From a book coaching client:
“Writing a book was something that made me feel insecure and vulnerable to the point that for a long time I told no one about it. Sharing my plan with Dinah was easy to do as she naturally comes across in a supportive and optimistic manner. Her expertise in story development and editing was invaluable.  She encouraged me to dig deeper in some of the more personal parts of my story but always in a respectful manner recognizing that I may not be quite ready to do so. Her joyful optimism, relevant expertise and enthusiastic brainstorming keeps me focused on my goal and we now move forward towards building a platform and marketing my book. I come away from every phone call with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm.”

— Kim Sunderland, author of It’s All Gonna Be Okay: From Mad and Sad to Glad (forthcoming)

About Me

A photo of Dinah LaprairieI love working behind-the-scenes, supporting the dreams and goals of people who have stories to tell and loads of experience to share with the world. Over the years, I have supported writers dedicated to the craft of writing and many others who were exploring it for the first time. I have a soft spot for projects that challenge the status quo and aim to improve the lives of people experiencing unfairness. For 13 years, I served as the Editor–Publisher of Open Minds Quarterly, a long-running, small magazine here in Sudbury, Ontario dedicated to writers who experience madness, mental illness, or mental health challenges. In this work, I coached emerging writers as they crafted narratives of lives that had been dismissed by many, including family. Their storytelling was necessary to survival and redemption. Today, I work with authors writing non-fiction, people who want to make change by sharing their professional and lived experience on the page. Whether it’s practical advice for specific audiences or big ideas that need to be brought to the general public, I’m here to help you translate your passion into words.

In my off-hours, you’ll often find me reading novels and news bytes, listening to podcasts, or deep in other quiet pursuits like sewing or cross-stitching or trying new recipes in the kitchen. I live in the  Greater Sudbury area of Northeastern Ontario, in the traditional territories of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and Wahnapitae First Nations, with my husband, children and our dog.  

Trained & Ready to Support You

I am an Author AcceleratorTM Certified Book Coach in Nonfiction. 

Author Accelerator is a community of certified book coaches who support authors. We share resources and experience with each other. To receive our certification, we complete a robust training program that includes practicums and feedback from experienced coaches. There are coaches specializing in many areas. Head over to the Author Accelerator website and find out how book coaches have helped authors succeed at their goals.